Ballenden & Robb Consulting Engineers
Concept Phase
Our initial involvement in a proposed project entails interpreting the exact requirements of the client and assisting with the identification of the responsibilities of the various role players who would be involved. Preliminary design specifications and concept design drawings would be drawn up for the required disciplines, together with budgetary estimates based upon the design specifications. A preliminary program is compiled and a front-end analysis performed to address issues such as risk analysis, standardisation, etc.
Design Phase
During this phase, we perform feasibility studies and consider all logistic engineering factors such as manpower, training, maintenance etc. which may influence the design.

Once the design is finalised, detailed design drawings and calculations are prepared together with a Configuration Management Plan, i.e. Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) system. Where applicable, a Quality Assurance Management Plan is prepared for Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP). Thereafter, the general and detailed specifications and bills of quantities are prepared and specific contractual conditions are specified.

Once approval is obtained from the Client and / or procuring authorities, a tender enquiry document is compiled.
Tender Phase
Tenders are called for and once the priced documents have been received, they are adjudicated and a detailed report is prepared and submitted to the Client.
Construction Phase
This is the stage when the official site handover to the Subcontractor(s) is performed, and site visits and meetings are arranged, attended and minuted. The sub-contractor’s performance is closely monitored with particular regards to specification, quality and schedule. Monthly claims and variation orders are processed.
Testing & Commissioning Phase
Testing and commissioning of system(s) are witnessed and supervised in accordance with the specification, and the relevant test certificates and documentation are obtained.
Training Phase
We undertake the responsibility of witnessing the expertise of relevant staff, maintenance personnel, supervisor operators and maintenance training, and also to obtain all relevant certificates and user documentation.
Final Phase
Once the Works have been inspected and are found to meet up to our standards, the official site handover to the Client is performed.

Mechanical Building Services
Our expertise in the field of Mechanical Building Services includes, but is not limited to, the following:-

• Lift & escalator installations.
• Steam boiler & steam reticulation system installations.
• Hot and cold water system installations.
• Medical gas, LP gas, vacuum & compressed air installations.
• Fire protection & detection system installations.
• Access control / security systems including surveillance camera installations.
• Fuel depots & associated dispensing system installations.
• Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
• Hardware / software interface specifications.
• Kitchen & laundry equipment installations.

Electrical Building Services
Our expertise in the field of Electrical Building Services includes, but is not limited to, the following:-

• HV and MV Installations.
• Generator / essential supply installations.
• Area lighting.
• Lightning protection and earthing.
• Building electrical services.
• Specialised lighting e.g. operating theatre lighting.
• Specialised trunking / wire ways e.g. bedhead trunking.
• Telephone / PABX installations.
• PA / communications installations.
• Motor / pump control and protection.

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